Portorož and Piran

Portorož and Piran are the centre of the incredible part of the Mediterranean on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. The holiday relaxed Portorož in the sheltered bay is gifted with a very beneficial coastal climate and an exceptional spa tradition. Its neighbour, the ancient Piran, is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities and one of the most preserved old cities in Europe.


Portorož has been known as a health resort since the 13th century when the monks from the St Lawrence’s monastery were healing their patients with sea water and brine.  The healing benefits for illnesses such as rheumatism, ascites, lymphadenitis, obesity and wounds were well-known in the immediate and distant vicinity.

The beneficial climate and healing properties of the nearby 700-year-old Sečovlje Salt Pans have enabled a long tradition of health tourism and a very rich wellness offer which Portorož has combined into unique experiences with first-class accommodation.



One of the most photogenic cities in the Mediterranean has kept its unsurpassed charm. In Piran you will feel like walking through a picture. You will be overwhelmed by narrow streets inside the old city walls. In the main square you will be greeted by the statue of the most famous citizen of Piran. The famous Giuseppe Tartini, a composer and virtuoso violinist, was born next to the square.  On the pier you may spot a fisherman unfolding his fishing net. Just before your arrival, a Piran costermonger has brought the produce of her garden to the vegetable market. The locals greet you accompanied by the humming of the waves as they sit by the sea and chat.


The extraordinary geographic position, flysch cliffs and hills running towards the sea create splendid views and numerous viewpoints.   In clear weather you can see the outlines of the Venitian Lagoon in the west. A little to the north you will see the snowy peaks of the Alps above the sea line of the Gulf of Trieste. On numerous locations the closest coast in front of you is Croatian Istria.

Here you can visit three countries with just one look.


The sea, salt making, fishing and olive growing have shaped the character of the land and the authenticity of the local people. Here, in the heart of Europe, we are a bit reserved only at first contact; we quickly become your good acquaintances and friends.

Portorož and Piran lie between two nature parks. The value of the natural and cultural heritage here is preserved by the Sečovlje Salt Pans nature park and Strunjan nature park.  The picturesque villages in the hinterland are dotted along the hills. Like the coastal villages they are also known for excellent olive oil and top quality vegetable and fruit production. It is no surprise that even the greatest gourmets indulge in the culinary delights of this region.


The palaces, squares and streets of Piran can express their gratitude for their magic mainly to salt from the once numerous salt pans near the city.

In the rich history of Piran the salt had an important role and was the central source of wealth. Today only a fraction of the Strunjan salt pans is preserved, but the Sečovlje salt pans are among a few in the world that still maintain the traditional method of salt production and thus maintaining its special quality.  

Even a mere view of the picturesque fields of the salt pans is breath-taking. You can also visit the salt pans and the salt panners’ festival yourself. The reputation of the quality of the salt from Piran reaches far around the world even today. Do not be surprised if you find it on the shelves of a prestige shop in one of Europe’s big cities.

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