Children’s Wellness

Jump into the thermal Prehistoric Sea and treat your youngest to funny and healthy children's pampering at the Terme Portorož!  

Our swimming pool complexes with the thermal Prehistoric Sea and the sea-water swimming pool complexes are simply the best for water experience. Covering an area of 2000 m2, the swimming pool complexes feature elements from prehistory – when the 42,000-year-old Prehistoric Sea was created – and offer children an unforgettable experience as well as encouraging them to explore. The Bubble-Me Colour Bath will cover children’s world with thousands of colour bubbles, while the Vichy or Ayurvedic Massage for Children will relax them and make them feel well.  In the meantime, you may also pamper yourselves at one of the seven wellness centres of the Terme Portorož. Our professionals will provide a perfect experience for the whole family.

We offer your children the following:

  • Bubble-Me Bath 
  • Children’s Vichy Massage
  • Children’s Ayurvedic Massage
  • Programme:  Healthy Pampering for the Youngest
  • Swimming pool complexes with the Prehistoric Sea – free for all hotel guests
  • Swimming pool complexes with sea water - free for all hotel guests

Choose your experience

Ayurvedic massage for children (aged 5–14), 40 min


41 €

Bubble Me – a colour bath for children (5 – 14 years), 15 min


30 €

Medicinal salt therapy – individual (children)*, 20 min


19 €

Vichy children’s massage (5 – 14 years), 25 min


26 €

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