The World of Healthy Pleasures was spoiling patisseries fans at the event Sladka Istra (Sweet Istria)

Koper, 20. 9. 2016

Colourful and healthy desserts by the Istrian Tapas restaurant, the trendiest culinary destination in Portorož, drew the attention of visitors with a sweet tooth at the Sweet Istria festival. The international festival of patisseries and sweet products took place at Arena Bonifika in Koper. The sweet cravings were satisfied by more than 100 providers, among them also the LifeClass Hotels with our healthy delicacies.

This was the first time that you were being pampered by the colourful Istrian bites provided by Istrian Tapas on the sweet paths of Sweet Istria. Did you try our special strudel called "štrukolo" that was made by Marko Gorela exclusively for the curious lovers of all things sweet? The chef is famous in Slovenia for his appearance in the final show of the Slovenian cooking reality show Gostilna išče šefa (An Inn Is Looking for a Chef). He did his best by taking the recipe for a typical apple strudel that any grandmother can make, and diversifying it with raisins and pine nuts. These are in fact rich in healthy fats and contain considerably more antioxidants than other nuts.
Every one of you with a sweet tooth certainly noticed our Paleo cookies in the shape of ancient animals. We enriched the gluten-free cookies made from buckwheat and grape seed flour with the 42,000-year-old healing energy of our Prehistoric Sea.
Those of you who were thirsty despite the bad weather directed your attention at the ionised water with various Mediterranean flavours, each of them having its own special effect. Water itself has a detoxifying effect, but add Mediterranean herbs and organic fruits into it, and you get a true healing bomb. If you add lime and lemon to the water that detoxifies your body, you get water with an anti-ageing effect that also influences the pH balance in your body. Mint and balm mint both have refreshing effects, but at the same time they have calming effects as well. Did they also calm you down? Rosemary, orange and salt flower are what gave the third version of ionised water its isotonic effect. Did you think that a drink like that is only suitable for athletes because they need more electrolytes from salt? Ages have passed since drinks for athletes with a lot of electrolytes were only meant for athletes. They are an excellent tool for the preservation of health for everyone. Electrolytes are basically vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, sodium, magnesium chloride, hydrogen phosphate and hydrogen carbonate. These substances are essential for smooth functioning of the organism, and they are especially important in winter when we eat less fresh food and do less exercise in the fresh air (we get less vitamin D).

There is no need to worry if you could not resist the temptation of trying the sweet delights of our LifeClass Hotels – you were in The World of Healthy Pleasures. And if you spent your weekend in another part of Slovenia and therefore did not get to taste the healthy indulgence, we will be delighted to prepare them for you in our Istrian Tapas restaurant or at one of our LifeClass Hotels in Portorož. 

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