The Concert of Indian Classical and Fusion Music: Johar Ali Khan

Congress Centre, Hotel Slovenija, 21. 9. 2015

You are cordially invited to a unique concert of Indian classical and fusion music performed by Johar Ali Khan.

The event will take place at 8 p.m. on Saturday, 26 September at the Congress Centre of the Hotel Slovenija, LifeClass Portorož.

Johar Ali Khan is a distinguished violinist of Indian classical music and a universal musician.   He regularly performs at concerts and other events all over the world. He has performed at several thousands of concerts in India alone. Furthermore, he is a promoter of Indian music as well as a composer. He is the author of music for the French film Blueberry (2006).

He is the son and successor of the late Ustad Gohar Ali Khan, one of the greatest violin geniuses.  Johar Ali Khan belongs to the school Patiala Gharana of Rampur. This is one of the biggest musical families, schools and genres of Indian classical music. Nowadays Johar Ali Khan is the sole performer of the Patiala Gharana genre that was founded by his grandfather. He says about his musical beginnings:

“My father started teaching me violin at eight, and my first performance was at twelve. Music runs in my blood.”

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