Summer Concerts in Cafè Central

Portorož, 9. 7. 2014

This summer is extremely hot in our Cafè Central.  Specially for you, we have prepared a diverse musical programme for every evening of a week.  Throughout the entire summer you may listen to the melodies of guitars and piano as well as operettas and the music from famous musicals. In addition, Sundays are entirely devoted to music. Starting at 10.00 a.m., the Sunday musical programme continues through the afternoon late into the night. The climax of our summer musical offer is Saturday concerts with outstanding musical groups of various genres. Below is the list of Saturday's performers:

12 July – Katy Maurel Acoustic   

19 July – Excellent Choice   

26 July – Excellent Choice   

2 August – Strings    

9 August – Excellent Choice   

16 August – Trio Kranjc   

23 August – Excellent Choice   

30 August – Vivaracha   

During our musical concerts we may also enjoy the rich offer of our Cafè Central where you may spoil your palate with our natural cakes, delicious ice cream in glasses or refreshing summer cocktails.  

All the musical events are free! You are cordially invited!

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