Yoga, Meditation, Kinesis

Join us on a sunny terrace or in an airy gym where we offer you a range of group activities for the body and soul every day: kinesis, group exercises under the guidance of a physiotherapist, pranayama yoga with asanas and meditation under the guidance of an Indian therapist.

  • Pranayama yoga with asanas is breathing yoga with asanas. Pranayama is controlled yoga breathing. When you control the breath, you also control the mind and thus feelings as well. It fills you with energy and detoxifies the body. Asanas make the body beautiful, flexible, healthy and rejuvenated. Asanas make the nervous system and bones firm, enhance hormone balance, improve sleep, digestion, concentration and memory and reduce absence of mind and anxiety.  
  • Meditation or guided meditation is the form of relaxation performed by following the Ayurvedic doctor’s instructions. It relaxes the body and soul and has beneficial effects on health. It relieves stress and deepens concentration.   Join us in a morning meditation session on a sunny terrace with an idyllic view of the sea and Portorož. Our Ayurvedic doctor, Dr Kavitha, will lead you to the world of deep concentration through meditation, yoga and breathing exercises. Your mind will be at peace, your body will be released of tension, and your body and soul will become balanced. The fresh sea air and morning sun will help you achieve perfect inner easement and relaxation.


  • Kinesis is a combined exercise on special kinesis equipment. You can exercise in a group or individually. During this exercise you make natural and everyday movements. Kinesis is perfect for recreational or occasional athletes as well as for professional athletes because they can simulate golf and tennis strokes, among other things. That is why kinesis is well recognised because it allows very complex exercises for strengthening all muscle groups, including the smallest ones that often remain inactive in other exercises. After exercising, coordination and motor skills are improved and your body has greater strength. This exercise combines short aerobics exercises and exercises on kinesis equipment, and the accompanying music makes practice even more interesting. Different types of kinesis exercises guarantee the burning of calories and therefore fats, thus helping you successfully reshape your body.    
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