Free your mind...and your body

Autumn is the time for detoxification of body, mind and spirit. Relax your thoughts and restore your balance with the help of selected wellness treatments for the body and mind.

Consultation with a specialist in Ayurvedic medicine Dr. Ajil

Dr. Ajil K. V., is a specialist in Ayurvedic medicine and yoga. He believes, that bringing natural healing and wellness to ones interested in his innovative healing and wellness treatment modalities can help people. His practice and knowledge for sure are something he would like to share with you.

From September 1st until October 31st we offer free yoga and meditation (1x) with each consultation with a specialist in Ayurvedic medicine (60 min).

Only 44 € 62€ per person

Special wellness offer

Neerabhyangam – Ayurvedic lymphatic drainage, 60 min

Shakti – Ayurveda Centre
Only 62 € per person


Thai Massage with Warm Herbs and Oils, 50 min

Wai Thai
Only 62 €


Thai detox, 70 min

Wai Thai
Only 70 € per person


Detox & Slimming body programme (first visit), 80 min

Beauty Centre
Only 75 €


Free your mind

On average, we are exposed to 48.6 thoughts per minute. Some of them are positive, others negative. Some might just fly by, while others might burden us, not letting us sleep. One way or the other, these thoughts accumulate and their weight puts stress on our everyday life. We all need time and space to switch off, a place where we can cleanse our body and mind of these thoughts and where we can pay attention to ourselves, our needs and well-being.

Find your oasis of peace at LifeClass hotels. Accommodation in a comfortable room combined with Ayurvedic treatments and a healthy diet will do miracles for your body and mind.